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Lip Augmentation en Almeria

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Clinica estética: Lip Augmentation

Lips are very important in facial beauty and be in harmony with the face. So it is a cosmetic medicine treatment in high demand by patients simple and very satisfying.

It is indicated in different cases:

- Increased volume in the case of thin lips.

- Redial the labial profile without changing the volume. The profile of the lip is gradually losing certain age from contributing to the appearance of wrinkles around the lips (Barcode). To raise the profile significantly improve wrinkles.

- Raise the mouth corners.


It is painful?

Before starting a local anesthetic is applied so that the procedure is painless.

How long is the treatment?

Generally the product being applied is hyaluronic acid which is a biocompatible material which does not cause any reaction and to be progressively resorbed. The average duration is one year.

The result is natural?

When dealing primarily we seek lips naturalness that is why each individual patient is studied and is progressively getting some more juicy and sensual lips.

Are there any side effects?

The only side effects to treat the region of the lips are local inflammation which usually lasts a couple of days and the possibility of bruising. In the event of correction can be used to conceal or makeup.


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Teléfonos   950880542 / 663900044 Contact us by WhatsApp
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