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Peeling Medical en Almeria

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Clinica estética: Peeling Medical

To remove stains from skin there is a treatment called "chemical peel" that can reduce these imperfections pretty face.

Chemical peeling is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin. It involves the application of different chemicals chosen by a qualified on the skin in order to exfoliate the outer layers doctor. This produces a renewal of skin that has better quality, more light, less spots and wrinkles and better texture.

In any event it is improved skin quality and also a stimulus occurs in the production of collagen and elastin.


It is painful?

This procedure is not painless and you may feel a burning or itching sensation (the deeper deeper is the peeling).

What patients is indicated?

Although the peeling is indicated in cases of physiological aging or sun and to treat spots and acne, it can also be used as a means to "maintain a healthy, oxygen-rich, smooth, free of impurities and luminous skin" in young people preventing appear signs of skin aging.

Are there any side effects?

Upon completion of the treatment is redness of the treated skin and around the peeling begins 2-3 days. A week has usually finished the exfoliation process appreciating great results.

After treatment is essential sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight.


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Teléfonos   950880542 / 663900044 Contact us by WhatsApp
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