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Cheekbones en Almeria

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Clinica estética: Cheekbones

Cheekbones give elegance, harmony and beauty to your face.

With age or due to the formation of bones, they flattened cheekbones can be noticed, without volume or hook. This lack of volume causes the loss of facial oval and look tired and old age.

The increase in volume in the cheekbones eel factions and returns harmony, beauty, youth and sensuality to face.


It is painful?

It is a simple facial rejuvenation procedure that is done in consultation with local anesthesia, so it is painless.

How long is the treatment?

Cheek augmentation is usually done with hyaluronic acid that is a resorbable filling and lasting from one year / year and a half. You can also make permanent filler in patients who have already tried the treatment and have been pleased. Both products are completely bio-compatible.

What's the score?

In younger people looking to score more factions for a more sensual face. While in more mature people we are looking for a recovery of lost volumes to get a cheek lift (lifting effect) and thus a more youthful appearance.

What possible side effects?

It is an extremely safe cosmetic medicine treatment requiring only about 30 minutes with only side effects except slight swelling in the area.

The patient can immediately incorporate into their daily lives.


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Teléfonos   950880542 / 663900044 Contact us by WhatsApp
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