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Acne treatment en Almeria

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Clinica estética: Acne treatment

80% of the population suffer from acne at some point in their lives.

Today the scars caused by acne are treatable and there are several techniques to remove these odious marks annoy both women and men.


Chemical Peel:

It involves the application of different chemicals chosen by a qualified on the skin in order to exfoliate the outer layers doctor. This produces a renewal of the skin to remove therefrom all dead cells and impurities. With this, we get a skin regeneration smoothing scars.

This treatment is also effective when acne is in active phase.

Facial biostimulation with growth factors:

This treatment enhances the natural processes of tissue regeneration.Through a blood sample, and subjecting to a novel and aseptic treatment, we obtain the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with maximum growth factors that subsequently injected in the skin getting regenerate the scar from the inside.

It is recommended for acne scars, when acne is not active phase.


In cases of deeper scars you need a more intense exfoliation.

With epidermolysis we remove the outer layer of skin renewing the epidermis and removing the scars usually in a single session.

This technique is performed under local anesthesia and are required to have a few days until the skin has been completely renovated, leaving after a spectacular skin.


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Teléfonos   950880542 / 663900044 Contact us by WhatsApp
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