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Esclerosis de Varices en Almeria

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Clinica estética: Esclerosis de Varices

Varicose veins are not a purely cosmetic problem, they are also a serious pathology that substantially impairs the quality of life of those who suffer: night cramps, heaviness, numbness, burning, itching, swelling of feet and ankles.

Sclerosis of varicose veins involves the injection of a sclerosing microfoam liquid or, depending on the size of the varix, getting them to close. Thus the pain disappears and the legs are clean and healthy.

Suitable for all types of varicose veins with visible results from the first session.


It is painful?

It is a painless technique that is done in consultation, without surgery, without anesthesia and without rest.

It is advisable to avoid the hottest months to perform this technique, since it involves the use of elastic stockings to improve results and is not suitable sun until at least 1 month of the last session of sclerotherapy.

How long is the treatment?

This treatment is done in several sessions every 15 days depending on the number of veins of each person. The sessions last 30 to 45 minutes and the patient can lead a normal life after treatment.

  • Treatment Benefits
  • Great aesthetic result.
  • Improved Pain and heavy legs.
  • Varicose veins treated do not reappear.
  • Effective result in a short period of time.

Very good value for money.


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Teléfonos   950880542 / 663900044 Contact us by WhatsApp
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